About us

Who we are

Our History

The mission began in 2007, and was necessitated by several factors, first was purpose discovery, and the others were as a result of the neglect of young children, mostly in the rural areas – in having access to standard education, better health care facilities, access to good drinking water and sanitary systems, especially in public primary schools; unsafe neighborhood and less exposure to information and opportunities. This pitfall has given rise to unhealthy children, ill-educated children and a disappointing decline in moral standards.

Our approach

Our Mission
Our mission is to make sure all young people and children get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is.
Whether it is a reassuring conversation, financial help, education, professional training, or simply the assurance that they are not alone, we will make sure that everyone gets support that meets them where they’re at as quickly as possible.
Our Vision
We want to build a world where no child or youth feels alone and gets every possible help they need as soon as possible.
Our entire team wants to see a world where every youngster struggling in any way feels able to reach out and has people who’ll help them with education, jobs, and more. We want to spread out in every region so we’ll be reachable to all.

Partner with Us

The Green Child International Organization is open to corporate partnerships, and this includes Government at all levels, Non-Governmental Organizations, companies, corporate foundations and other private organizations to shield every child globally for a green future.
We are a leading organization on purpose discovery for all children globally, which is the number one mandate of The Green Child International Organization.
We have recorded some accomplishments with support from philanthropists, corporate organizations and companies.

Areas to partner with The Green Child are:

  • As a Professional: you can partner with The Green Child as an expert in community health, social worker, counsellor, legal practitioner and other related fields.
  • Policy Advocacy: join your voice with The Green Child to advocate for better policies at all levels that can give every child a better chance to thrive, thereby making every child’s future green.
  • Finance: channeling convenient support for the work of The Green Child, in any form which includes: grants, materials, paying a company directly for a product needed by The Green Child for children, and donating directly to The Green Child. We always keep a clear path for all partners for close monitoring of where and how their funds are spent.
  • The Green Child’s Executive Council: the Executive Council is the governing body of The Green Child International Organization, responsible for the overall supervisory control of the organization, acting in purely advisory role taking into consideration the current government policies at the material time.